O2 spins out the "Cocoon"

We're an admittedly jaded group when it comes to new mobile tech and handsets but, O2's new Cocoon has us sitting up and taking notice. This winsome flipper sports an LED display hidden behind what appears to be an opaque housing that lights up to show song info, caller ID and the like. Featuring a pretty slick control panel on the side, 2GB of internal memory, expandability via MicroSD, Bluetooth A2DP, and a 2 megapixel shooter with flash, it does seem to be packin' all the necessary bits and bobs. In the radio department, we find triple-band GSM / GPRS and 3G -- no details on the frequencies offered here, but we can guess they will be Eurocentric. Look for it on O2 UK in August for a wallet-stinging $590 off contract.