Here comes China: Huawei inks deal with MetroPCS, too

In case the FCC filing with the big honkin' MetroPCS logo across the front of the phone back in June wasn't enough of a clue, Huawei has now made their handset deal with the carrier official. Huawei claims that the M318 was designed specifically with MetroPCS customers in mind, a fairly pedestrian, faux-metal piece with a 1.5 inch display, speakerphone, BREW support, and 5MB of onboard memory. Huawei's announcement to provide MetroPCS with equipment comes a few days after crosstown competitor ZTE's, but these guys are going to end up beating ZTE to the punch anyway -- the M318 is available immediately, whereas ZTE's yet-to-be-named phone won't rock shelves until next month.

[Via RCR]